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The Beauty Aside GmbH is an independent film production company, with its registered office in Cologne. The company was founded in 2011 by director Isa Prahl and editor Daniel Scheuch.

Alongside its in-house team, TBA collaborates with an extensive network of directors, producers, writers, cinematographers, editors and motion graphic designers whose approach to their work is completely in tune with the company philosophy.

Isa Prahl



Graphic Design in Hamburg, Literature, Culture & Media Studies in Siegen and Audiovisual Media in Cologne. Three different courses, but for her it was always about one thing: film. As a student, she directed adverts and different fictional formats, and also contributed to TV. Her first social marketing advert „Armut kennt viele Geschichten“ (Poverty Knows Many Stories) won the Young Director Award in Cannes, and her graduation film “Ausreichend” (Adequate) received the First Steps Award, a German prize for young film-makers. In 2011 she and Daniel founded the company. It allows her to do what she loves best: keep telling stories.

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Daniel Scheuch, Schnitt


Editing & Production

„Detours are the route to knowing a place.“ – That’s one way to describe Daniel. Born in Switzerland, raised in the Black Forest, dropped out of university in Bochum. The direct path was never his thing. After a short traineeship as an editor, he worked as a freelance editor for seven years in many film formats and for different clients across the whole of Germany. In 2011 he founded the company together with Isa. As Managing Director and Producer, he has taken on new responsibilities, but one thing remains: a love of editing. In 2012 he was nominated for the German Kamerapreis for Best Young Editor for the film „Ausreichend“ (Adequate).

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Production, Direction & Content

She loved movies and advertisements even as a child, regularly pressuring her mother to buy the products she’d seen advertised. Great images, great music, and a great tag line! Let’s buy it! Her excitement for images and music followed her the rest of her life: After finishing her training as a media management expert, she volunteered at a sports production company. From then on, she was traveling with Audi, Red Bull, and other companies to film racetracks across the globe. Eventually, the cars got a little too loud for her and she started getting interested in other topics: zoo animals, insurance companies, extreme sports – anything you could think of. She was in charge of a variety of productions while working for herself. But her curiosity about people and stories never left her. That makes her a great addition to our team at TBA.

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Sebastian Gosmann, Schnitt



He has always had something to do with moving images. Whether that’s as an enthusiastic moviegoer, as a long-standing film critic for the magazine „Schnitt“ (Editing, RIP) or during his seemingly never-ending studies of Media and Communication Science. After a good ten years of theorising and analysing, it was time for him to get down to work. In 2009, he quit the lecture theatre and moved into the editing booth. And since then, he’s felt on top of the world.

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